The Minivan that Keeps Singapore Moving

Getting your goods from points A to B has never been easier with the Doblo Cargo. It is the preferred minivan for businesses across Singapore. Despite its deceptively sleek appearance, it offers unrivalled load capacities that take the headache out of transporting your goods to where they need to be. Doblo Cargo is equipped with all the latest technology and features, delivering you a world class experience while driving. Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a test drive at your nearest dealer today!

Range and Load Capacity

The new Doblo Cargo is designed to be of top performance and ergonomic solutions.

Demonstrated by the regular shape of the load compartment, convenient handles, practical 180˚ rear door opening, and sliding door that has a wide opening to permit access to the load compartment even in tight spaces. True to its status of being “Best in Class”, the Doblo Cargo is perfect for any use thanks to its load threshold that facilitates loading/unloading operations, with a volume of up to 4.2m3, a load capacity that is greater than 965kg and an internal length of up to 2.174m.


The new Doblo Cargo is a genuine city centre work partner that is ideal when you need a compact, functional and easy-to-handle vehicle any day. It is able to move nimbly through the city streets with ease, even while transporting high loads.

Performance and Economy

More performance, more satisfying drive

With the 1.3 and 1.6 Multijet II Engines, the new Doblo Cargo offers the utmost performance according to various professional requirements and types of use. Its power units, ideal both in town and on long hauls, are able to offer a more impressive performance, high torque at all speeds and optimal consumption at low costs.


The new Doblo Cargo features a thoroughly restyled design, not unlike a car. Emerging from the more modern and distinctive front is a more streamlined bonnet that follows the curve of the roof, new bumpers, a front grille and the new rear light clusters that highlight the horizontal progress of the lines while enclosing the Fiat logo. These new features make for a more harmonious whole, where the Doblo Cargo has a more compact and well-proportioned appearance.


The road holding of the Doblo Cargo is ensured by the most advanced electronic stability control devices, like the Auto-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distributor (EBD). The front airbags protect both the head and chest. Other safety equipment includes; Fire Prevention System (FPS), body with crumple zones, steering system with collapsible telescopic steering column and knee protection.