All in a Single Solution

The perfect vehicle for goods transport

The Doblò Cargo is truly an invaluable partner for every business. Its great capacity to adapt to every requirement makes it an efficient and versatile choice in every context:

  • Available with short wheelbase (2,755 mm) and long wheelbase (3,105 mm)
  • Load compartment loading capacity of 3.4 m3 - 4.2 m3
  • 5 door configuration, with 2 sliding doors to make access to the load compartment even easier and more practical

Ergonomic Handles

Doors open to accessibility

Doblò Cargo handles are designed to optimise ergonomics and strength:

  • Easy to use internal door handles
  • Reinforced external handles for the most demanding use with vertical grip for easier opening and closing


Loading and unloading your vehicle is both comfortable and easy

To make sure your work is easier and less tiring, the Doblò cargo includes the following:

  • 2 large sliding doors with a 1,120 mm height and 700 mm width opening and slide rails recessed in the vehicle body
  • Glazed asymmetric rear wing doors permitting easy access to the load compartment, thanks to an opening that is 1,231 mm wide and 1,200 mm high on standard versions
  • Plus, a load threshold that is only 545 mm from the ground

Load Compartment

Best-in-Class load capacity
  • A wide and even space with smooth surfaces, free from protrusions
  • Up to 2,174 mm in length
  • Up to 1,305 mm high and 1,518 mm wide
  • Load capacity of up to 4.2 m3
  • 1,230 mm width between wheel arches
  • 6 load retaining hooks on Standard Van and 8 load retaining hooks for Maxi Van
  • Washable, waterproof, and protective plastic panel
  • Partition ladder
  • 2 service lights, one above the sliding door and the other above the rear door

Acoustic Cab Comfort

As quiet and comfortable as a saloon

The Doblò Cargo cab is made of extremely high-quality materials and was designed to prevent traffic and engine noise from reaching the driver and passengers.

In particular, the integration of state-of-the-art soundproofing materials with the vehicle has permitted a significant reduction in the internal noise level, with benefits in terms of comfort and satisfaction at the wheel.


Superior technology for maximum functionality

Efficient, safe, and multitasking on-board technology, which includes:

  • Bluetooth® radio
  • Active matrix display
  • Radio with dual tuner
  • AUX-USB inputs
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Hands-free phone

Bi-link Suspension

Optimum comfort and capacity

The Doblò Cargo uses independent wheel bi-link rear suspension which ensures:

  • Increased driving comfort
  • Greater stability
  • Maximum safety whatever your load
  • Thanks to the adjustability of its components, the suspension can be specifically calibrated according to the function of the vehicle.

The Driving Position

Driving becomes a pleasure
  • Highly functional dashboard, designed to bring together all of the main controls, with the gear change lever in a high-up and ergonomic position
  • The steering wheel can be adjusted in height and depth
  • Radio and mobile phone controls are located on the steering wheel for complete driving safety without taking your hands off the wheel
  • Large, welcoming, and adjustable seats for a comfortable drive