Braking System

Gradual braking for total control of your vehicle

The braking system with 4-sensor Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), along with Electronic Brakeforce Distributor (EBD), prevents the wheels from locking and guarantees complete control of the vehicle under any condition, ensuring a responsive and smooth braking action and improved stopping distance.

Airbags and Headrests

Protection at the top
  • Front airbag for driver
  • The seats are fitted with a device, which, in the event of impact, brings the headrests closer to the occupants' neck, avoiding the effect commonly known as "whiplash"

Passenger Compartment

Designed and built to offer maximum safety
  • Controlled collapse body shell designed to absorb impact effectively
  • The doors of the rear compartment are equipped with side impact bars
  • The bumpers contain a progressive collapse bar