Load Capacity and Accessibility

The new Fiorino Cargo is designed to be your ideal work partner with its compact dimensions. Agile and flexible, it is able to go places easily with its perfect external dimensions; 3,957mm long and 1,716mm wide.

The Fiorino Cargo eases loading and unloading with its spacious and square shaped load compartment, practical 180˚ rear door opening, wide sliding side door and vertical ergonomic door handles that enables you to open with either hands.


The Fiorino Cargo is the practical solution to your problems. With its features specially designed to ease your work and increase efficiency, it is no wonder it’s chosen to be the best of its class.

Performance and Economy

With its Euro 6 diesel 1.3 Multijet II, 80HP Ecojet engine, the Fiorino Cargo is able to boast of greater driving satisfaction. It is reliable and has excellent performance thanks to its low running costs in maintenance and consumption, quiet running and environmental sustainability.

Comfort With Style

The new Fiorino Cargo now has a modern and dynamic style, equipped with a new front bumper and grille. It also has several new elements to improve comfort and ergonomics, such as infotainment controls on the steering wheel, permanent back lighting and adjustable driver’s seats with lumbar support and armrest.

Safety Features

The new Fiorino Cargo ensures your safety with the most advanced electronic stability control devices such as the Auto-lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR). With safety that comes with style, the Fiorino is truly the ideal work van.