Complete Engine Range: Euro 6

Diesel to suit every mission and customer driving needs.

Euro 6 engines for greater driving satisfaction, excellent performance, quiet running, low running costs(maintenance and consumption) in addition to reliability and environmental sustainability.

  • Diesel 1.3 Multijet II, 80HP Ecojet

    Comfort-Matic Robotized Gearbox (MTA)

    The prompt response and precision of a manual gearbox with the benefit of not having to use the clutch pedal, just like an automatic gearbox, efficient while providing comfort, perfect to drive in city traffic. With the diesel 1.3 Multijet II, 80HP Ecojet engine, you can be assured of even greater performance and lower fuel consumption.

    Turning Radius

    Performance, handling and drivability.

    A U-turn in just 9.95m.