When you buy a Fiat Professional vehicle, you immediately benefit from a service designed to ensure safer travelling and keep unforeseen expenses at bay.


The purchase price of your new Fiat Professional vehicle includes a 5 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty that starts from the date of registration.

The Warranty ensures coverage for your vehicle against manufacturing defects, which will be resolved free of charge using original or reconditioned parts.

Operations under Warranty are carried out by Fiat Professional Service Centres and include:

  • -Repair or replacement of the faulty component
  • -Manpower needed for the replacement or repair
  • -Supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under warranty

5-Year Warranty

Any repairs required as the result of faulty materials or manufacture - either for parts or labour are covered up to 5 years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first.

The warranty is provided free of charge and is subject to conditions.

8-Year Anti-Perforation Warranty

The structural elements of the Vehicle bodywork are guaranteed against perforations caused by corrosion, when it occurs from the inside out.

Subject to regular inspections being carried out, as detailed in the Fiat Services Booklet, any perforation of the bodywork due to corrosion will be repaired free of all parts & labour charges and/or replaced during the first 8 years.

3-Year Paint Warranty*

Any paintwork defects due to faulty materials or manufacturer will be rectified free of charge for a period of 3 years from the first date of registration.

The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the Vehicle to eliminate any manufacturing anomaly determined, according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.

Parts And Repairs Guarantee

All genuine Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) parts purchased but not fitted by a franchised FGA dealer carry a 12 months warranty from date of purchase.

Genuine FGA parts purchased and fitted by a franchised FGA dealer carry a 24 months parts & labour warranty from date of fitting.


The warranty does not cover:

1.Deterioration due to negligence or failure to observe Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) requirements laid down in the Owner Handbook and/or Warranty and Services Booklet relating to body maintenance or to external causes (accidents, stone or gravel chipping) or to the installation of accessories that do not meet technical specifications or were not originally envisaged by FGA or the Manufacturer; 2.Non- original body parts (i.e. not from FGA or the manufacturer) and the consequences of motor vehicle body repairs carried out outside the FGA service network.

The warranty lapses if a defect is not reported within sixty days of its occurrence.



All vehicles require regular servicing. FCA Group has therefore designed a scheduled service plan for each model, this is necessary to safeguard operating conditions and efficiency.

Compliance with the Scheduled Servicing Plan instructions means optimising your vehicle's performance and fuel consumption and, during its life, ensures respect of laws and regulations on emissions and pollution, keeping it in suitable conditions to pass the periodic inspections required by law.

Mopar® recommends a range of services and checks, depending on your car's mileage.

Refer to the Owner Handbook to get specific recommendations for your car.